MyCNN rebranded to Sarnia-Lambton Alerts

My Community Notification Network (MyCNN) has changed its name and will now be called Sarnia-Lambton Alerts.

The Bluewater Society for Safety, Environment and Sustainability (BASES) said existing subscribers will notice changes to the community notification system on April 13.

Communications and engagement coordinator Tracy Krull said the platform, launched nearly a decade ago, alerts the community to events ranging from severe weather to traffic to public safety.

“We had a brainstorming session in the fall and just discussed the evolution of the alert system and how it has changed and adapted since it launched,” Krull said. “When it first came out it was mostly for road closures and emergencies, and then we added industry notifications and a few others. So we wanted to better capture the essence of the alert system.”

Krull said there will be no impact on existing users.

“Any current subscribers will continue to log in and access their account and their notification preferences. For now, nothing has changed. Even the web page they visit, the Everbridge app, you can download one on your phone app, and it remains the same. Literally the only thing that will change is the logo and name.”

The notification system currently has fewer than 15,000 subscribers, Krull said.

Subscribers can choose which notifications they want to receive and how often they want to receive them.

Residents are encouraged to sign up Sarnia-Lambton Online Alert Or download the Everbridge app to receive notifications directly on your handheld.

For more information on local emergency preparedness, visit

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