VIDEO: This little piggy didn’t stay home

A little pig in Maple Ridge went on an adventure last night, but they didn’t make it to the market.

Instead, Irene Francis’ one-year-old pig, Brenda, was dodging a bear intruder who broke into her pen, leaving a large hole in it.

Sometime Wednesday night, a couple were driving on the Lougheed Freeway near 240th Street when they noticed Brenda on the side of the road and stopped to help her, according to Dr. Adrian Walton of Dewdney Animal Hospital.

The couple chained up Brenda and awaited the arrival of the BC SPCA Maple Ridge and Dr. Walton to help with the escaped pig.

When Brenda was found on the side of the road and rescued, Walton confirmed that Brenda was completely fine.

“Pigs are enthusiastic animals,” he said. “They were born for this environment.”

After being sedated, the pig was loaded into a vehicle and taken back to Dudeney Animal Hospital, where it remained until Francis came to pick her up the next morning.

“It’s been fun watching them pack her up,” Walton said with a laugh, saying Brenda currently weighs about 250 pounds but could grow to over 500 pounds by the time she’s fully grown.

Walton applauds the couple’s initial stop to help Brenda’s heart and the work of the BC SPCA and Ridge Meadows RCMP to help with this unusual situation.

“All I did was calm her down and it was really a team effort,” he said.

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