Clearwater Transit Terminal contract to be considered

Sarnia City Council will consider awarding a contract to build the new Clearwater Transit Station on Monday.

Mayor Mike Bradley said the transport master plan proposed relocating the existing interchange from Murphy Road to Wellington Street.

“This is a plan that the city council has been working on for years,” Bradley said. “There will still be a stop [Real Canadian] supermarket. But, over there at the Clearwater Coliseum, you’ll see that eight buses can safely park there at the same time, which will give passengers a safer and more convenient way to transfer. It will also provide more amenities for our drivers, which is also important. “

If the contract is awarded, construction is expected to begin this summer.

“It’s been a good investment in the community. For many years, until about two decades ago, the focus of transportation was downtown. Because of the expansion of the neighborhood, because of the growth of the neighborhood, especially in the east, it’s now renewal and investment Time for transportation,” he said.

Bradley believes the new terminal will better serve the community in the long run.

“With the new transport facilities being built, the new community center being built and the library being relocated there from Lambton Mall, the building will change beyond recognition in a year or two,” Bradley said.

Eighteen bidders registered to bid and five bidders submitted submissions.

It is recommended that the Commission accept the lowest bid submitted by Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing Limited. at US$2,955,000.

Renovations to accommodate the expanded library space at the Clearwater campus began last month.

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