Co-accused in south London cannabis lab bust arrested

Last week, police in London arrested a second man accused of running a large drug lab in the city’s south end.

On Friday afternoon, investigators announced the arrest of Felice R. Ferri, 46, of London. Ferri was previously wanted for his involvement in a cannabis extraction laboratory at his home at 467 Commissioners Road East.

Last Tuesday, April 4, police were called to reports of a disturbance at the Commissioners Road East residence near Huntington Avenue. In response, officials noticed strange equipment and materials that were later determined to be part of drug lab operations.

More than $8 million worth of marijuana products, other illegal drugs and weapons were subsequently seized from the home, where police remained for nearly a week while the lab was dismantled.

Ferri and his co-defendant, Donovan Wendt, 30, are charged jointly with multiple counts, including possession of narcotics for trafficking, possession of marijuana for distribution, possession for sale and alteration of marijuana with organic solvents.

Investigation is ongoing.

Both plan to appear in court in the future

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