Loblaws renovating stores, opening new ones

If you shop at the Real Canadian Super Store, Zehrs, Valu-Mart or No Frills, many of these stores will have a new look.

Loblaw Companies Limited plans to invest more than $2 billion to remodel and renovate nearly 600 grocery stores while opening or relocating another 38.

Ontario will open 14 new stores, while 330 will be renovated or remodeled.

Overall, two-thirds of the new locations in Canada will be Shoppers Drug Marts.

“The company’s capital investment this year is expected to create thousands of jobs and see it grow and improve its store network,” Loblaw’s statement read.

The company already employs 220,000 Canadians, and the investment could create an additional 6,000 jobs in retail, supply chain, technology and construction.

The company said investments over the past five years have focused on digital innovation and technology to keep pace with changes in the grocery store industry. Changes in 2023 will modernize the supply chain, enhance the retail experience and expand Loblaw’s reach in underserved communities.

“For decades, Loblaw has invested heavily in the Canadian economy, creating jobs for our company and others,” said President and Chairman Galen G. Weston. “Through growth and innovation, we are advancing priorities that matter to our customers, an exceptional shopping experience, affordable choice, and support for their health and wellness.”

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