VIDEO: Popular Australian YouTuber takes on the Chilliwack River on raft made from logs

“A bad raft will still make you have a good time.”

That’s a quote from popular Australian YouTuber Beau Miles after he floated a makeshift raft down part of the Chilliwack River during his latest expedition.

Miles’ quirky and funny ways of doing unusual things, or unusual ways of doing routine things, have earned him over 600,000 subscribers and 37 million views worldwide.

“With a string of successful films, Beau is known for his offbeat candor, real insight and willingness to do ordinary things in unusual ways,” he describes on his website.

The redhead made 24-hour videos of planting a tree every minute, attempting to paddle 4,000 kilometers from one side of Africa to the other, and his most recent video, running a marathon in hallways, stairwells, pools and lobbies A luxury hotel in Seattle.

But his penultimate video takes him to Chilliwack, where he travels to the Chilliwack Valley with a river guide named Dave.

There he collected large pieces of fallen trees and small logs, and built a crude raft out of only wood and yellow rope. He boarded the raft and, accompanied by the photographer and Dave, kayaked, he used a piece of wood as an oar as he headed down the Chilliwack River in a rickety skiff.

“Look at this place, it’s amazing,” he said. “Canada, you are amazing.”

He said he had lived in Canada, but he had never drifted, let alone built a raft, so he gave it a try.

“A 10-year-old could have done it in a lot more time,” he declared after finishing the creation.

“This is the worst raft that Canada has ever built,” he said. “But a bad raft will still make you have a good time.”

His website has links to all his films and books,

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Video still from Australian YouTuber Beau Miles builds a raft out of fallen trees before going down the Chilliwack River. (YouTube)

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