Cora visits her newest restaurant in Chatham

The founders of Cora Breakfast and Lunch visited Chatham on Wednesday to continue the company’s longstanding tradition of donating to local charities selected by new franchisees.

Cora Tsouflidou’s stop in Chatham marks the grand opening of her latest restaurant in Canada. The Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation also received $2,688.

Tsouflidou told CK News Today it was great to see the restaurant packed with customers celebrating the event.

“The franchisee and his family and the new staff, it’s been amazing, especially because the store was full. Everyone came, Mayor,” Tsouflidou said.

Tsouflidou said she has been involved in the restaurant’s grand opening from the beginning because it is a tradition.

“Big Cheese will be at every vacant seat because it’s a tradition. The restaurant is my life, my success, and I don’t even take it as a responsibility, but it’s a great day to go to a restaurant,” she said. added.

Tsouflidou said Chatham was chosen because it met all the criteria, such as population and income thresholds.

The new restaurant, located at 595 St. Clair Street in Chatham, is the 37th Cora’s in Ontario.

Cora’s began in 1987 when Tsouflidou opened a snack bar in Montreal. She now owns more than 130 restaurants across Canada.

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