Canada needs volunteers more than ever, says organization

As National Volunteer Week kicks off, an organization offering volunteering leadership and expertise is sounding the alarm.

Volunteers Canada is reporting a sharp drop in volunteer numbers across the country.

About 65% of organizations that rely on volunteers are experiencing shortages. Meanwhile, 32% reported an increase in demand for their services.

So far-reaching is the group, it is launching a plan to develop a national action strategy to strengthen Canada’s volunteering infrastructure.

“Volunteering brings us together and supports each other by sharing our time, talents and energy, thereby strengthening the fabric of our communities,” said Dr. Megan Conway, President and CEO of Volunteer Canada. “It enhances our ability to grow, thrive and create change.”

Conway said the volunteers found friendships, built trust, and gained a sense of belonging. Every action they take improves the health of the community.

National Volunteer Week begins Sunday and runs through April 22.

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