Canada’s Tanner (The Bulldozer) Boser takes a beating in UFC light-heavyweight debut

Canada’s Tanner (Bulldozer) Bothell was battered in his UFC light heavyweight debut on Saturday night, defeated in the first round by Moldova’s Ian (Hulk) Kutraba.

Boser went 4-4-0 in the UFC at heavyweight before deciding to drop down to 205 pounds to face Cutelaba. The 31-year-old from Bonnyville, Alberta, who now lives in Edmonton, weighed 229 pounds in his last heavyweight bout, losing to 261-pound Brazilian Rodrigo Nacimen support.

Bothell weighs 203 pounds for the fight, while Cutelaba, who is on the light heavyweight non-championship limit, weighs 206 pounds.

The 29-year-old Cutelaba (17-9-1, no contestant) snapped a three-game losing streak with his third first-round win and sixth in the UFC. He has only won one of his previous seven fights (1-5-1), but faced Glover Teixeira, Jared (Killer Gorilla) Cannonier, Johnny Walker and Margo Elite opponents such as Dmitry Ankaraev.

Bothell (20-10-1) suffered his second straight loss and is fourth in his past five starts.

Former Featherweight Champion Max (Blessed) Holloway, ranked second among 145-pound contenders, defeated England’s No. 4 Arnold (All-around) Allen by a unanimous vote in the main event at the T-Mobile Center .

A thin-looking Bothell had trouble absorbing Cutelaba’s power from the start. Around 90 seconds into the game, Cutelaba hit the jaw with a powerful overhand, knocking Boser back. Boser dropped to one knee, and when he stood up, he was hit again.

Cutelaba brought him down and Boser took almost 20 blows to the head as he tried to get back up at the fence before referee Keith Peterson stepped in to end the penalty at 2:5.

“I’m cruel. I’m cruel,” Cutelaba said in English.

According to UFC Stats, Cutelaba has a 30-5 advantage in the big fight against Boser.

“I’m so sorry to my coaches, training partners, fans and country. I let everyone down and I know it,” Boser said on social media.

He then pointed out that he had one fight left on his UFC contract, asking UFC president Dana White and matchmaker Mick Maynard to give him June 10 in Vancouver to complete the deal.

The change in weight class works for fellow Canadian Gillian (Savage) Robertson.

The 5-foot-5 Robertson was a flyweight (125 pounds) in his previous 13 UFC fights, while previously undefeated Venezuelan strawweight Piera (La Fiera) Rodriguez was knocked out in an unbalanced 115-pound fight. knocked out.

“It feels like my new home,” Robertson said. “I’m ready for the No. 2 guy.”

Robertson, a submission specialist who fought at strawweight early in her career, pulled down a guard to knock Rodriguez (9-1-0) to the ground in the first round before passing her opponent. The Venezuelan had a cut on his forehead.

Robertson dropped Rodriguez with one leg 10 seconds into the second round, raised her to three-quarters and looked to isolate an arm. Robertson punched Rodriguez in the face and then transitioned smoothly from the full ride to the bar, with Peterson intervening at 4:21 of the second round to end the fight.

Rodriguez insisted she did not wiretap. But she appeared to make a tapping motion, and she cited “verbal tapping due to the handrail” when announcing the decision.

Robertson said she didn’t know if her opponent had knocked, but said she stopped when the referee pulled her away.

Robertson (12-7-0) defeated Kazakhstan’s Mariya (Demonslayer) Agapova in the second round in September.

The 27-year-old Niagara Falls, Ontario native, who makes her home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has improved to 9-5-0 in the UFC.


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