City of Sarnia seeks feedback on active transportation master plan

The City of Sarnia needs your input as it develops an aggressive transportation master plan.

The document will help guide future investment in infrastructure that supports ‘human mobility’.

Development and transport manager Alister Brown said this included activities such as cycling and walking.

“What we really want to know is what works, what people like,” Brown said. “We also want to know what challenges they’ve had so far and how they’re using the infrastructure. That could be commuting, day-to-day work, recreation and access to employment or education.”

One of the goals is to create an interconnected transportation system that would make it easier to get around the city, Brown said.

“From late April through May we will start gathering that information and starting to chart a path forward for the plan,” Brown said. “There will be more rounds of consultation and engagement as we move forward with the plan. 8, 9 The month will really start to take shape.”

According to Brown, you can learn more about the project and complete the survey by visiting

“Next to the survey link, there’s an additional tab called the ATMP Input Map,” he said. “This map is actually a very powerful tool for us because it allows citizens to go and actually show on the Sarnia map where they have had a positive experience using the active transport network, and where they’ve seen network improvements place of opportunity.”

The draft document is expected to be submitted to Sarnia City Council by the end of 2023.

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