Doing some spring cleaning? The May Court Club of Windsor seeks donations

The May Court Club of Windsor is asking community members to bring used clothing and small household items to their resale store.

“April is the month you tidy up for a cause,” said a statement from the charity. “The net proceeds of the sale price stay in our community to help children in need.”

The Windsor May Court Club is really committed to addressing the needs of the children and youth of the area. However, charities also aim to help the environment. Stores like theirs help reduce waste by recycling lightly used items, which prevents fabrics, plastics, and other materials from ending up in landfills.

The May Court Club of Windsor shared a statistic that Ontario created more than 10 million tons of waste for disposal in 2018.

“Join the Windsor May Court Club to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose and get your spring cleaning done,” urged a May Court Club spokesperson.

As a way of celebrating the goodwill, the names of all donors will be engraved on paper flowers which will then be added to the colorful window display.

The volunteer-run resale shop is located at 1122 Wyandotte St. E. Donations are accepted Tuesday through Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 11am-3pm. The shop is closed on Sunday and Monday.

More information is available at store’s website.

According to the Windsor May Court Club, the project is a partnership with the Windsor-Walkerville Rotary Club.

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