LETTER: Continued push for development will eliminate single-family neighbourhoods

This is in reference to the April 6 Oak Bay News letter to the editor, “Fighting to Preserve Neighborhood Character Clouds Housing Crisis.” What I don’t seem to notice is that most single-family homeowners are neither rich nor selfish . They work hard and are struggling to pay inflation driven prices and tax increases due to the current state of the economy.

Canadian household debt hit a record $2,116 billion in April 2023, with mortgage debt being the biggest driver, the report showed. It’s safe to assume that many, if not most, homeowners are paying off their mortgage and personal debt.

Furthermore, almost all of the resident opponents were not against the development, but wanted the proposed development to be balanced and sustainable. Residents are generally opposed to overdevelopment proposals that maximize profits, damage the environment, and destroy human dignity.

There was a time when residents were encouraged to join community groups and take an interest in their neighborhood. The authors now argue that these voluntary community associations are influential, well-organized lobby groups that use frivolous issues to hold back development.

One can only wonder what she has to say about the powerful, well-funded, lobbying Urban Development Institute, which has professional government lobbyists and a host of local council lobbying committees.

Considering Premier Eby’s proposed legislation that would eliminate single-family housing communities across the province, and the many invasive developments that BC municipalities have and will continue to approve, it is clear which of these associations is the most attractive.

What is unclear is what the plan will be when every city is overcrowded, living conditions are cramped, and the next wave of people needing housing is on the horizon.

anthony mills

oak bay

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