LETTER: Council shows lack of consistency

A majority in Saanich Council recently voted against a motion with Coun to create a lobbyist registry. Colin Plant defended his vote on the basis that the public had shown no particular interest in the matter.

This is an interesting look at the situation, as just two weeks ago, Parliament voted unanimously to approve a motion sponsored by Plant requiring Saanich to stop paid memberships to his UDI development lobby group, after much public criticism of their recent The conduct that expressed serious unease was seen as a conflict of interest issue, which was cited during deliberations that night as worthy of withdrawal.

However, it is not too late to be consistent on this issue. Coun Plant is the chair of the CRD and a paid member of the same UDI development lobby. Perhaps he could file another motion, this time asking the CRD to revoke his membership in the organization, as he did for Saanich?

Consistency, like transparency in a democracy, does matter. In fact, I’d like to suggest that this is the key.

Sasha Izzard


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