HMCS Esquimalt honoured as final Royal Canadian Navy ship lost in WWII

HMCS Esquimalt is credited as the last Royal Canadian Navy ship lost in World War II

CFB Esquimalt and the Town of Esquimalt commemorated the last Royal Canadian Navy ship sunk during World War II this weekend.

HMCS Esquimalt Memorial Service was held at Esquimalt Memorial Park on Sunday (April 16).


“Today, we remember and honor the courage and sacrifice of the HMCS Esquimalt crew,” said Capt. J. Jeffrey Hutchinson, CFB Esquimalt Base Commander. “It was a loss that affected so many lives. There were heroes in this event. It is an honor today to honor the shared history between this great community we call home and our namesake ship. When you name a town or city When you are on a boat, a unique bond is formed.”

The ceremony includes songs, speeches, wreath laying and prayers.

“The story of HMCS Esquimalt will be told for generations,” said Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins. “The loss of the warriors who served at HMCS Esquimalt and their struggles in their final hours means a lot to us. These men had family, friends, community and love for their country. We will remember them. We will continue to honor these every year young people’s lives.”

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CFB Esquimalt World War II

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