Lambton College student life enhanced at GTA campus

Lambton College is celebrating a major campus update and renovation that improves the lives of Mississauga students.

President and CEO Rob Kardas said they are continually working to improve the student experience in and out of the classroom and are grateful for the investment.

“Queens College is a private college in Toronto, and we’ve had a partnership with them in international education since 2016,” Kardas said. “We have about 3,000 students there by fall 2022, and it’s a relationship where we empower the curriculum to them.”

Kardas says they really create a welcoming, supportive and world-class learning environment for Lambton students.

“Queens University has made a major investment and they have added approximately 14,000 square feet to their facilities. This includes two new health rooms that are essential to supporting students, and a specialist counseling room that provides mental health support. They have [also] The addition of a fitness room is great for students because we know it’s important for their physical and mental health, and they’ve really expanded the library space. This is clearly a core component of a quality education. “

The Mississauga renovation follows a previous facility upgrade for Lambton students at Toronto’s Cestar College.

“The public-private partnership is really building on the relationship we have with Jilin University in China and will continue to have that relationship with Jilin University in China,” Kadasi said. “Lambton education is very global now.”

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