Local filmmaker continues to receive accolades for short film ‘Milk’

The filmmaker’s short film raised by Chatham-Kent has become an official selection at DigiFest in Southern California.

monty langford movie titled milk is a sci-fi/dystopian short film about a man who goes out to buy milk in a post-apocalyptic city.

When he’s out, the man plays some music and finds freedom through dancing.

Langford said he was inspired during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the film became his quarantine project. He was also inspired by sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Casablanca.

His films have also been screened at small film festivals around the world, from Vancouver Island all the way to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Growing up, Langford always loved movies, but his passion peaked when he attended Chatham-Kent High School.

“I had great drama and English teachers, and my favorite computer technology teacher, Mr. Williams, who helped me break down the concept of the film, how it was shot, and the meaning, symbolism, and themes,” Langford said. “So I really fell in love with it. [I] Told my mom and she said, well, I’m going to force you to watch all the classic movies. So we watched Blade Runner and Total Recall, and Apocalypse Now. “

Langford has worked on the post-production teams of such blockbusters as Star Wars, Spider-Man, Hobbs and Shaw, among others.

Langford is currently working on several projects.

One of them is a pirate treasurewhich was filmed in Rondo Provincial Park.

He is also in talks with a production company in Toronto to write and direct a 30-minute sci-fi film.

When he’s not working on film projects, Langford can be found on his TikTok page, Ten Seconds Film Academy, where he shares filmmaking tips, facts, and other interesting bits.

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