PODCAST: CFL Hall of Famer and Broadcaster Glen Suitor

On this episode of “MOJ on Sports,” host Bob Marjanovich chats with Glen Suitor.

Suitor’s professional football career began in 1986 when he was drafted by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, where he played defensive back for ten seasons. While with the Roughriders, Suitor was a three-time CFL All-Star, two-time CFL West All-Star and a Gray Cup winner in 1989.

Suitor, who retired from professional football in 1995, finished his career with 47 interceptions, 19 quarterback sacks and 551 tackles for loss and was inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame in 2011.

Suitor joins “The Moj” to talk about his playing and broadcasting career, including Carson Graham and Simon Fraser University.

“In my four years at SFU, I played corner kicks all four years. Getting to know someone like Jay Triano, who, as you know, is a great basketball player but tried out for the football team, we actually roommate for a year, I’ve learned a lot from Jay’ on how to approach every practice and every day with a mature attitude.

Suitor transitioned into the broadcast industry as a color commentator for TSN’s CFL broadcast.

“What was different was we won in ’89 and I kept looking at my ring and I kept thinking, that’s why you’re in a championship game. I’ve been able to live and experience that. So maybe this opportunity is time to step up Take that step, take a new step, into a new industry and a new world, and retire from football.”

In addition to his broadcast work, Suitor has authored two books on football. His first book, “The Grass is Never Greener,” is a memoir about his career at the CFL and his struggles with depression. His second book, “The Art of War by Sun Tzu in the CFL,” provides a detailed analysis of the strategies and tactics used in professional football.

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