Tecumseh to consider updated fireworks bylaws

Tecumseh is preparing to update the bylaws regarding the sale and use of fireworks within the town limits.

According to the bylaw, the town council will later this month review changes to the fireworks bylaw, first passed in 2013, with the aim of “developing a safer and more efficient approach to the regulation of the sale and use of fireworks”. The government has recommended council approval.

“The current Fireworks Bylaw 2013-50, passed in 2013, now appears to be outdated as it does not address all contemporary health and safety issues surrounding fireworks,” the proposal reads. “Furthermore, the application of the current bylaws to residents and town bylaw enforcement appears impractical.”

Some of the concerns raised included restricting the sale of fireworks around certain holidays, such as Victoria Day, Canada Day, Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. The previous bylaws also did not limit when consumer fireworks could be set off, nor did they have safety requirements for the storage, sale, display or installation of fireworks.

Distinguishing between certain types of fireworks has now been fixed.

“The current bylaws do not distinguish and define consumer fireworks, display or high-power fireworks, and pyrotechnic special effects fireworks, nor do they explain the specific requirements for each. The proposed new fireworks bylaw now makes these distinctions,” the bylaw wrote in.

Under the new bylaws, residents using consumer fireworks can set off fireworks between sunset and 11 p.m. on designated days and between sunset on New Year’s Eve and 12:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Fireworks or high powered fireworks should only be set off with a permit from the Tecumseh Fire Department and with the approval of the Fire Chief. Special effects fireworks permits are subject to the same guidelines and can now only be set off under the supervision of a certified pyrotechnician.

The new fireworks bylaws will be presented at the Town Council’s April 25th meeting.

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