2 puppies found abandoned in box hidden in the bushes at Burnaby park

Two German Shepherd mix puppies were recently found abandoned in a crate in Burnaby Park, with one of the puppies suffering an injured and infected front leg.

The BC SPCA says a Good Samaritan found two six-week-old puppies in the bushes of Byrne Creek Park and immediately brought them to the BC SPCA in Burnaby before being transferred to Richmond A community animal center where a foster home is available.

Nicole McBain, manager of the Burnaby Animal Center, said the puppies, Tia and Koda, “were scared and cold when they first arrived”.

“After we were able to warm them up, they became much more comfortable and started behaving more like puppies.”

The couple were taken to an emergency veterinary hospital after it was determined Tia had a number of health issues, including an injured front and an infection related to the injury. She also has gastrointestinal problems.

BC SPCA Richmond Animal Center manager Krista Shaw said the cause of the leg injury was unknown, but “trauma is suspected.”

However, Koda is in good shape.

“Little Tia has grown a lot since being in our care,” Shaw said. “She’s the cutest, most snuggly girl. She becomes more confident every day and loves being around people.”

The BC SPCA states that Tia will be available for adoption within a few weeks.

The BC SPCA is seeking financial assistance for Tia’s medical care, and Petsecure matched donations up to $3,500.To donate, please visit medical.spca.bc.ca.

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