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Chatham man leaves cell mess after arrest

A 31-year-old Chatham man who was initially arrested for some suspicious activity at a local business got himself into even bigger legal trouble when he allegedly used the floor and benches of a holding cell as a toilet.

Police said they arrested the man following a break-and-enter investigation into a business on Chatham Park Avenue East shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday.

Officials said they were notified a man was trying to enter the building and arrested a man matching the description of the suspect at the scene.

Police said they also reviewed surveillance footage showing the man who was prohibited from driving driving a vehicle equipped with a drill, bolt cutters, wire strippers and a flashlight into a company parking lot.

He was also allegedly seen using the tools to damage a vending machine and two locks, officials said.

The man was arrested and taken back to police headquarters where he was held in a holding cell.

Police said the man allegedly defecated on the cell floor and on a bench while in custody.

As a result of the investigation and the man’s conduct in his cell, he was charged with two counts of mischief and one count of driving a vehicle while prohibited and possessing a breaking and entering tool.

He was later released with conditions and a future court date.


Woman arrested in Chatham parking lot for theft

A health check at a parking lot on King Street East in Chatham on Monday afternoon resulted in an arrest.

Chatham-Kent Police said they were called to the scene by a concerned member of the public at 4.10pm on Monday.

When police inspected the woman, they learned that she was wanted for theft and possession of stolen property, so they arrested her.

The 50-year-old Chatham woman was charged and later released to face future court.


Wanted man turns himself in

A 41-year-old Chatham-Kent man who allegedly ran away from his court date last month has surrendered to police.

CK Police said the man, initially charged with assault and breach of bail conditions, was arrested shortly after 8.30am on Monday after allegedly missing his scheduled court appearance on March 2.

He was later released and has a future court date.

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