Cost estimates, phasing plan for Germain Park to be reviewed

Incorporating an outdoor pool into Sarnia’s draft Germanic Park master plan would cost the city about $6 million, but that’s much cheaper than an indoor pool.

The figure was shared with council at a meeting on Monday.

Asked about the high cost, community services general manager Stacey Forfar said it was a relatively good deal.

“We didn’t have a specific cost for an indoor pool, we didn’t think about it,” Forfar said. “However, I can tell you that the city of Kingston considered building an aquatics center last year, and it would cost over $75 million.”

The revised document makes room for five existing baseball fields but removes the proposed multi-use recreational facility (MURF).

Mayor Mike Bradley said he still wanted to explore the feasibility of MURF.

“We dealt with this a few weeks ago and eliminated the possibility of a mixed use complex because there were only three properties left. We spent almost $75,000 to $100,000 on this investigation. We should at least put it back Think about it, and then you can deal with it,” he said. “Taking it out means that if the other two sites don’t work out, we don’t technically have any site. We spent a lot of money on due diligence and that’s how that site came about. After going through the whole Germanic Park We need to keep our options open as we go through the process.”

Assemblyman Terry Burrell expressed concern about the proposed parking structure’s drainage of the football field.

“The road there could be higher than the field,” Burrell said. “I’m concerned that it might increase the likelihood of flooding for footballers who want to play in these areas. When doing this holistic project, we have to recognize that many homes in this area face flooding. We really have to make sure We take care of our own water and, if possible, provide some help to these areas as well.”

Proper drainage will be included in the design phase, and there will be several cost-based options, Forfar said.

Other amenities included in the first phase of the plan include dedicated outdoor pickle ball courts, basketball and ice skating rinks, a permanent year-round off-leash dog area, restrooms, parking and plaza improvements.

As part of the 2024 capital budget process, City staff will submit cost estimates and a phased plan to Council for consideration.

Council also voted to move forward with the conceptual design for the Strangway Center sports arena expansion and building upgrades.

Staff have been directed to return to council the proposed design, site location, features and amenities and operational plans for the community centre, which can be opened for daily use as and when the gym is available.

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