Leamington’s Robson Road gets traffic calming treatment

Leamington Council is reminding motorists it has installed bollards on Robson Road on its waterfront.

The municipality has received numerous complaints from residents about speeding on the waterfront.

A series of three flexible bollards are placed on the sides and center of the road, narrowing Robson Road and forcing drivers to slow down. The bollards are three meters apart and will be removed before winter.

The measures were approved by Leamington council last August when it also signed off on all-street parking at the intersection of Cherry Lane and Robson Road.

The bollards are temporary until the municipality installs the permanent traffic calming measures outlined in its waterfront destination master plan.

Eventually, it will introduce on-street parking and rebuild the south side of Robson Road. Work on the project is expected to begin in summer 2024.

Later this year, the entrance to Leamington Marina will be moved to the east side of the car park, opposite Cherry Lane, to allow for easier access to the marina for boaters.

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