Edmonton zoo employee ‘doing well’ following Burmese python bite

Edmonton Zoo employee ‘doing well’ after Burmese python bite

The city is reviewing what happened, including procedures for carrying snakes

A zoo employee is recovering after being bitten by a Burmese python Tuesday morning.

Edmonton Valley Zoo spokeswoman Debbie Winwood said the woman was immediately treated by other staff and a call to emergency services.

The woman was taken to hospital with minor treatment and is doing well, she said.

Winwood said the city is reviewing what happened, including the procedure for carrying the snake.

She said all emergency protocols were being followed.

The snake, named Lucy, was about 15 years old, weighed 75 kilograms and was 3.6 meters long.

Winwood said Lucy had been at the zoo since December 2016 and had not previously shown any aggressive behavior.

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