Kelowna man sues North Okanagan-Shuswap school board after told to ‘play through’ brain injury

A Kelowna man has filed a lawsuit against the Salmon Arm school board after he suffered a traumatic brain injury after being told to continue playing high school football despite a serious injury.

Simon Wiebe filed a personal injury lawsuit on April 13 in British Columbia Supreme Court against the school board of School District 83, which includes the North Okanagan-Shushwap area.

Wiebe claims he suffered severe head and neck injuries for nearly seven years after being repeatedly knocked to the ground and subjected to hits, tackles and blows during a particularly violent high school football game in 2017.

Before the game, Wiebe claimed the players were told the opposing team was a “physically strong” team. The students are said to have “demonstrated strength and played through it” under the guidance of staff and volunteers.

Despite his multiple injuries during the game, Wiebe claims staff and volunteers continued to play him nearly the entire game and failed to follow concussion protocol.

As a result of the traumatic brain injury and neck injury, Wiebe claims he suffered from pain, educational difficulties, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, lack of strength and coordination, poor concentration, anxiety and depression.

Wiebe claims he suffered loss of income and earning power and required major medical treatment for his injuries.

The lawsuit states that the actions of 83 District staff and volunteers who participated in the football game “were deliberate, bossy, arrogant, utterly disregarding Plaintiff’s rights and physical health, and aimed at and harming Plaintiff.”

Wiebe seeks general damages in the suit.

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