Kincardine council approved $68,000 in community grants for 2023

Kincardine City Council approved nearly $68,000 in community investment grants to various local organizations.

This figure includes $9,000 in festival fees, split equally among the Kincardine Scottish Festival, Kincardine Summer Festival and Beacon Blues Festival; $25,000 for youth sports, including an additional $1,000 for Kincardine Minor Soccer distributed in the fall; and the rest $34,000 to the applicant, $1,750 of which is for Kincardine Food Bank’s luggage tags for low-income residents.

Annual funding allocations are determined by the Community Investment Grants Evaluation Panel.

A good $69,000 is included in this year’s local grant budget, so the remaining $1,027 can be allocated if a request for new project support is submitted.

“We’ve worked hard to create a fair opportunity for everyone to use these grants,” Mayor Ken Craig said. “They’re called community investment grants, and they’re not just grants, they’re investments in our communities, so we’re always working hard to make sure they’re being used to the best of their ability.”

Organizations that received grants but received no funding last year include the recently formed Second Kincardine Scouts, which will receive $1,500 for outdoor equipment, and the Kincardine Refugee Council, which will receive $750 for recreational activities .

The largest single grant recipient was Kincardine Minor Hockey, who received $20,000. Funding for sports groups is based on an 80-20 funding formula: 80 percent on facility costs and 20 percent on the number of participants, staff said.

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