New partnership helps keep invasive species off the Bruce Trail

New partnership will help Bruce Trail Conservancy protect the Bruce Trail from invasive species.

The spread of invasive species is seriously threatening biodiversity on the Niagara Escarpment.

Trekkers often unknowingly bring these species into diverse ecosystems without realizing it. As a result, Canadian shoe brand Baffin will build 100 co-branded boot brushing stations by 2025. The boot brush stand is approximately three feet tall and four feet wide and is made of cedar. A large display educates hikers about the invasive species that are often brought in through the trails, and how to use the sites effectively to get rid of any possible threats in their boots. Baffin will build the first 20 Boot Brush Stations at its Stoney Creek production facility on April 21, 2023.

“As a Hamilton-based company, Bruce Trail is right in our backyard. From product testing events and team building outings, to weekends with the family on the trails – everyone at Baffin benefits from the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s The work done to protect this natural playground,” said Mark Hubner, senior vice president of commercial at Baffin. “Our ongoing partnership with the Bruce Trail Conservancy is a passion project for us, connecting our love of exploration with our desire to help preserve Canada’s diverse environments for the future. By launching the Trail Conservancy Project and providing Bruce Trail With these Boot Brush Stations, we’re excited to protect the Niagara Escarpment while leaving invasive species behind.”

“On behalf of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, I am pleased that Baffin continues to work on the critical conservation work necessary to protect the wilderness ribbon along the Niagara Escarpment,” said Bruce Trail Conservancy CEO Michael McDonald. “Their generous support of the Boot Brush Stations along the Bruce Trail will go a long way toward helping us control invasive species and educate trail users on this important aspect of land management and conservation.”

There are currently approximately 35 boot brush stations along Canada’s oldest and longest marked sidewalk, with a total length of 900 kilometers of arterial roads.

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