OLG payments to Chatham-Kent back to pre-pandemic levels

A recent payment from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation shows that daily life in Chatham-Kent is returning.

Over the past year, the municipality has earned a total of $1,692,836 for hosting the Cascades Casino in Chatham.

This equates to over $142,000 in gaming revenue per month.

According to the OLG, these payments to the hosting community are based on a formula consistently applied across all gaming sites in Ontario, using the hosting site’s Gaming Revenue Scale.

Looking back before the pandemic, Chatham-Kent received $1,420,573 in OLG’s 2019-2020 fiscal year, $270,000 less than the City received this fiscal year.

Last year, Chatham-Kent earned just $921,281 in gaming revenue.

“OLG’s Municipal Contribution Agreement payments are building strong communities where people and families can enjoy a high quality of life,” Treasurer Peter Bethlenfalvy said in a media release. “These revenues help support local programs and critical infrastructure to make a real difference in gaming host cities.”

Since the gaming site opened in April 2001, Chatham-Kent has received $16,146,767.

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